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Manakeep 728x90
Emerald Nightmare full clear 7/7 Heroic Master Loot 500k Includes:
1. We supply 20 unsaved toons full clear any drops you can use are yours.
-Necks/Rings/Relics- We run 2 buyers for this clear you will be splitting
these 3 items with the other buyer depending on both buyers classes.
-We are reserving 880 Ursoc agi trinket and artifact relics at this time still.

Emerald Nightmare full clear 7/7 Heroic Personal Loot 250k Includes:
1. We supply the raiders to full clear the instance on heroic. You get a raid spot
any and all loot you get from your personal raid ID. We will take up to 5
buyers on this run.

Mythic +10 dungeon 300k Includes:
1. We will provide a keystone and complete it not guaranteed in time. You will get your 880 titanforged gear from your weekly chest in your garrison.